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by Dubose Heyward


From "Charleston Poems"


They tell me she is beautiful, my city, 

That she is colorful and quaint, alone

Among the cities.  But I--I who have known

Her tenderness, her courage, and her pity;

Have felt her forces mold me, mind and bone,

Life after life, up from her first beginning--

How can I think of her in wood and stone?

The Greater Charleston Concierge Association, or GCCA, was inaugurated on September 11, 1996.


Its mission?  To ensure that quality service and true hospitality are extended to all guests and visitors to the Greater Charleston area.  


We continually strive to increase competence and professionalism among our members by holding regularly scheduled meetings, outings, and educational seminars.


We are fortunate to enjoy tremendous support and involvement from the business, professional, and cultural communities of our beautiful city.


Currently at 80 members, our Association continues to grow and thrive.  


We intend to continue to promote the highest standards of service and professionalism, and to serve as goodwill ambassadors for our beloved city, our properties, and the concierge profession in general.  


Thank you for your interest in the GCCA.


In friendship,


Jonathan Ray

GCCA President





A Brief History of the GCCA


The seeds of the Greater Charleston Concierge Association were planted in February of 1996.  Suzi Jackson, Carolyn Barlow, and Rick Burton met weekly to plan the birth and chart the course of the fledgling organization.  The goal was to combine the "best practices" of existing concierge associations, such as those in Boston, New Orleans, and Washington, D. C.  


  Then, on September 11, 1996, the Association was born.

The keynote speaker was none other than the "First Lady of Customer Service", Ms. Holly Stiel.  The venue was the charming Historic Charleston Foundation Museum Shop.  At that moment, the prospective members

were hooked, and the success of the newborn association was assured.


Thanks to the dedication of its current 65 members, and the support of the local community, the Greater Charleston Concierge Association continues to grow and thrive.  And our best years are still ahead of us!



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